Inquiry into Orgreave if Labour wins General Election says Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn promised an inquiry into Orgreave “on the first day of office” during a visit to Sheffield last night.

He promised a public inquiry into the clash between police and miners during the 1984 miners’ strike.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd ruled out an inquiry in October 2016 within the first months of her taking the role.

The Labour Party leader was on the campaign trail in South Yorkshire as part of his General Election campaign, and appeared in York and Rotherham earlier in the day.

Over 300 supporters were present at Shirecliffe Community Centre car park for the open air rally. Corbyn appeared alongside the Labour candidate for Hillsborough and Brightside Gill Furniss.

During his campaign visit, Corbyn also pledged to bring back Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), more funding for mental health in schools and colleges and reiterated his commitment to providing Free School Meal for Primary School children.

Some were reduced to standing on iron gates to get a view of Corbyn

The Leader of the Opposition also slammed the Times Rich List as a sign of excess, and also criticised the Conservative Party. He said: “They are the party of the rich, and subservient to the rich.”

He finished by calling on those present to take to the streets and campaign for a Labour Government. He said: “We have 30 days to explain the offer from our mouths, not those who say it on our behalf.”