Bennett launches a campaign. Again.

Former Green Party leader and Sheffield Central contender, Natalie Bennett, is to launch her campaign tomorrow at Sheffield Peace Gardens. 

This is the second time she has launched a campaign in the space of a month. Ms Bennett joined party co-leader Jonathan Bartley only a fortnight ago to launch their national campaign outside The University of Sheffield. 

Ms Bennett will tell people at the Peace Gardens about the Green’s Brexit, climate, and NHS policies.

“There’s a strong desire for change in politics. Voters are seeking a politics of principle and values. With the Green Party, they’ll always know what we stand for and what we’ll stand against,” she will say.

“I will demand that multinational companies that aren’t paying their way are forced to pay their taxes and treat their staff decently, making it easier for independent businesses to compete with them”.

Natalie Bennett has been living in the constituency since last summer, and has been a mainstay at protest events throughout the city.

Critics have called her a “full time campaigner” and suggested that she is opportunistic for choosing the seat, not interested in the Progressive Alliance she claims to be.

The party is targeting Sheffield Central because it thinks there is a high chance of the party taking the seat from Labour. With a second place finish last General Election, Paul Blomfield could become victim of a Green surge. However, what the party have ignored from their calculations is any resurgence in the Liberal Democrats, who were destroyed last election in the student heavy seat, and the left voting Labour for Corbyn.