Corbyn fan gets Labour leader’s signature tattooed on her arm after Bradford rally

A 28-year-old student who had her arm signed by Jeremy Corbyn at Labour’s manifesto launch has had it tattooed onto her arm as a permanent reminder of the leader.

“There’s never been anybody that I look up to in politics until Jeremy Corbyn,” Charli Boylin told South Yorkshire Briefing.

As the Labour leader was autographing her arm she said that she told Mr Corbyn about her plans to get it permanently marked on her arm.

Jeremy laughing with pen in hand, Miss Boylin said to the embattled leader: “Jeremy you better do it straight.”

“He looked at me like I was a little bit stupid,” the newly inked woman recalled. “Jeremy told me to keep still and then he did it pretty straight. He did a pretty good job.”

Charli Boylin getting her tattoo of Jeremy Corbyn’s signature | Charli Boylin/Facebook

The archaeology student at The University of Bradford said that she had joined the Labour party when Jeremy Corbyn become leader.

“He’s honest. I fully believe in what he wants to achieve. He’s genuine,” she said. “He’s a people person.”

“Before Jeremy the Labour Party was having problems trying to get its character back, what it stood for after Blair. Now I think they’re back to what the party should be.”

Speaking about Theresa May, the Labour member said: “Not once has she stepped up to Jeremy’s challenge of debating him. Why not? She’s supposed to be the prime minister of this country and she can’t debate with her opposition. I don’t understand that.”

The tattoo isn’t the first ink Miss Boylin has had. As well as Mr Corbyn’s autograph she has a full sleeve on her left arm, several around her collarbone and on her right forearm.

Saying that they’re addictive, she plans on making her right arm a full sleeve, working Jeremy Corbyn’s signature into the design.

At yesterday’s Bradford rally, Labour announced its plans to re-nationalise public services, introduce a ‘National Education Service’ and spend £250 billion over the next ten years on infrastructure.

The party also said that it will re-nationalise rail franchises once their contracts run out, which this website calculated would mean the leader would have to win two elections before all of South Yorkshire’s trains would be in public hands.