No increased appetite across South Yorkshire to vote

Efforts to increase the number of people registered to vote have failed, as voter numbers in South Yorkshire remain roughly the same as the last General Election.

Sheffield saw just 4000 extra people sign up to vote in the city since last year’s referendum, with 400,976 able to go to the ballot box.

In Doncaster the 218,413 people are eligible to vote in the the town’s three constituencies, up from the 213,424 on the register

But there was a surge of registrations on the final day in the town, with 2063 new people enrolling onto the register.

In Barnsley South Yorkshire Briefing have been told that on the last day of registration about 1500 people returned their applications, a rise from the 1000 they saw on deadline day at the EU Referendum.

But, as with other places across the county, the town saw no significant increase in the number of people registered to vote, with indicative figures showing that just over 134,000 able to vote this year.

These figures will come as a blow to campaigns to increase the number of people registering to vote.

The General Election is on June 8 with postal votes arriving this week.  

SY Briefing has not received registration statistics for Rotherham at the time of publication.