Petition demanding apology as Barnsley Chronicle runs Conservative advert on front page

The Barnsley Chronicle has faced public criticism after their decision to run a four-page advertisement for the Conservatives as a wrap around feature, including a front page spread. 

A petition called “Boycott Barnsley Chronicle” has gained over five-hundred signatures in four hours, following the decision to place the advertisement on the front of the papers last edition before polling day.

Daniel Simms, 20, a student studying at Manchester Metropolitan University started the petition calling for a full apology on the front page of next week’s edition and “every one” of the publications social media accounts.

He told South Yorkshire Briefing: “I was disgusted that Barnsley Chronicle, knowing the hardship and poverty members of our communities lived through in the 1980’s under the Conservative government, ran with a front page advertisement that clearly endorses The Conservative Party.”

The usually Labour voting constituency lies in the former South Yorkshire coal field which was heavily affected by the closure of the mines in the 1980’s under the Conservative government led by Margaret Thatcher.

Members of the community vented their frustration on twitter:

But not everyone in the community felt the same:

Andrew Harrod, the papers editor, told BBC Yorkshire that newspapers are fighting for their survival.

“Advertisers are looking for more innovative ways to promote themselves.

“Some people in Barnsley won’t like this advert, there is a full page advert for the Labour party inside the paper but people don’t seem to realise that.

“It’s not the first ‘wrap around’ advertisement the Chronicle has featured, and it won’t be the last.”