Labour set to hold Penistone and Stocksbridge seat despite Conservative hopes

Labour is set to hold Penistone and Stocksbridge according to polling company YouGov, despite predictions that the Conservatives could win the seat. 

The constituency had a high percentage (22.9%) of UKIP voters in the 2015 General Election, but polls suggest that they will win only 8% of votes in the upcoming election, with the Tories hoping that a majority of these votes will be won over by the party to help them take the seat.

Both Labour and the Conservatives are set to profit from UKIP’s collapse, but pollsters predict that June 8 will see Labour candidate Angela Smith return to Westminster. Smith has represented the constituency since its creation in 2010.

Labour is predicted to win 48% of votes in the seat, according to the latest YouGov polling figures. This would be a 6% gain on the number of votes (19,691) she received in 2015 and go against what the Tories were expecting at the start of the election.

But the Conservatives are also set to make large gains this election in the marginal seat. The party came second to Labour in 2015, and candidate Nicola Wilson is on track to raise their share of votes from 27.7% to 40%.

Latest polling figures in the region also show that the former deputy Prime Minister,  Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg, is set to lose his Sheffield Hallam seat to Labour candidate Jared O’ Mara next week.

In an interview with South Yorkshire BriefingO’Mara told South Yorkshire Briefing that Clegg “doesn’t have Sheffield in his heart” but was “not taking any encouragement or fear from any of the polls.”

He said: “We saw in 2015 that they’re not a wholly accurate representation of things will pan out. I’ll carry on with my team, and army of volunteers until next week.”