Natalie Bennett confident of ‘making history’ by being elected to Sheffield Central


Natalie Bennett insists that there’s a “real possibility” of her being elected to Sheffield Central tomorrow, in a historic result for the city and the Green Party. 

“Its still all very much to play for and if anybody thinks that they know what is going to happen is talking through their hat,” the former Green leader told South Yorkshire Briefing.

“This is a really fluid election, people are changing their votes in all sorts of different ways, so there’s a real possibility that Sheffield is will elect me as the first Green MP in the North. That would be really making history. I think people really like that idea of being part of history.”

Canvasing for the student vote outside The University of Sheffield, the former Guardian journalist said that campaigning is going well and that it was surprising how many people haven’t made their minds up.

Highlighting the history of political radicalism in South Yorkshire, Bennett said that it would be logical step in electing her to the Commons.

She said that she and the Green Party would provide Sheffield: “Solid representation, reliable representation, a bold independent voice for Sheffield down in Westminster.”

It is widely expected that Labour’s Paul Blomfield will be re-elected to Sheffield Central tomorrow, with Labour canvassers positive about the reaction they have been getting on the doorstep.