Exit poll projects hung parliament

Theresa May, who called the General Election to build a large majority in the Commons, looks instead set for a hung parliament according to the BBC/Sky exit poll announced as voting stopped.

The Conservative Party is predicted to get 314 seats, which will call into question the Prime Minister’s decision to call an election and subsequent floundering throughout the campaign.

Labour are predicted to win 266 seats after a late surge in support for the Corbyn-led party.

Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats are projected to win 14 seats. 

In Scotland the SNP have been hammered for their support for a second referendum, with unionist parties taking 22 MPs from the Nationalists.

The apparent Unionist revival has failed to materialise, with the SNP returning to Westminster with 34 seats if the exit poll is to be believed.

UKIP, who had one MP in London in 2015, are set to be unrepresented.

In the 2015 General Election, David Cameron secured a Conservative majority for the first time since 1992 with 330 MPs following the Tory whip. The Labour party lost their Scottish heartland, reducing Labour to just 232, accelerating the SNP to 56 MPs in the house. The Liberal Democrats led by Nick Clegg saw all but eight of their MPs punished for the coalition, losing 49 MPs.

The exit poll, whilst usually somewhat accurate, over estimated Labour last time.