Where to watch the election?

You’ve been out to vote. Now you’ve just found out you are no longer welcome at your friends house because you didn’t vote for their candidate. You need a backup plan or face being stuck in the house with no chance of strawpedoing a bottle of wine after your party wins. What do you do?

As soon as polling closes tonight at 10pm counting will begin with the first result from Sunderland expected at 11pm. Sunderland has been the first area to declare its results in a General Election since 1992. In 2015, Houghton and Sunderland South declared their results at 22:48pm – and your first strawpedo opportunity.

We’d recommend that you stick with the WKDs at this point in time. Its’s a long way until the last result.

The final constituency in Cornwall will declare at 1pm on Friday but we should know the national result by 9am on Friday morning.

Where can you watch the results unfold

South Yorkshire Briefing is the first place to start. We’ll have a live blog that will cover all the latest events, both nationally and here in South Yorkshire. Make sure to keep to up-date with our social media on Facebook and Twitter as we cover the election results in South Yorkshire, including all six Sheffield results live from the English Institute of Sport.

Bar One in Sheffield will be showing election footage all night. Admission is free, starting at 10pm and lasting until 5am. Complete with pun-laden food that matches the election as well as numerous different cocktails. And for those feeling down in the dumps, you can always sing ‘Things can only get better’ by D-ream in the Raynor Lounge next door. Seriously.

Other than that, it seems a bit quiet in Sheffield this year, with no other bars in the city centre promoting or advertising election parties.

South Yorkshire seems a bit quiet other than that. Turns out it takes longer to plan a party than an election. So, what do you do? The television is your friend.

BBC: The Beeb begin their live coverage at 9:55pm with David Dimbleby leading election coverage for the tenth time. He’ll be joined by Jeremy Vine, Emily Mathis, Mishal Hussain and Professor John Curtice. Andrew Marr, Nick Robison, Kirsty Wark and Sophie Raworth will be at the key counts whilst Laura Kuenssberg will be gauging the reaction at Westminster.

ITV: They have presenter Tom Bradby leading the coverage from 9:55pm alongside Robert Peston. ITV have also managed to secure a coup, having former chancellor and shadow chancellor and former political rivals George Osbourne and Ed Balls as pundits.

Channel Four: Shouty Paxman will be hosting Four’s coverage, alongside Richard Osman and David Mitchell with the families of ‘Gogglebox’ also offering their input from 9:45pm.

Sky News: Sky will have rolling coverage throughout the night, fronted by Adam Boulton and Sophy Ridge.