Bennett broken by Labour surge

The former Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, was left pondering her future political career as she failed to win Sheffield Central. The constituency, which was won by incumbent Paul Blomfield, was a high profile target seat for the Green’s, saying that 2015’s result meant that they were on the verge of “making history”. But Bennett’s […]

Paul Blomfield says Sheffield voters ‘puzzled’ by Natalie Bennett campaign

Labour’s Paul Blomfield says Natalie Bennett’s campaign in Sheffield is not picking up “any significant support” ahead of next week’s vote.  Blomfield, defending a 17,000 majority, is running for re-election in Sheffield Central and says that voters have not been persuaded by Bennett and her ‘national priority campaign’. “They are puzzled by the fact that […]

Politics in the Pub – Tory launch

Today’s Politics in the Pub covers the Conservative manifesto launch, potential trouble for the Greens in Sheffield, and a third party launching something in London. With Harry Taylor, Dan Barker, Sam Volpe and Hugh Dickinson.  

Labour: Bennett running in Sheffield causing “confusion and irritation”

Labour say that the Green Party’s selection of their former leader, Natalie Bennett, for Sheffield Central is backfiring on her party at the doorstep, making it likely that the Green vote will fall in the General Election. According to the Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party, residents have complained at Bennett’s “carpet-bagging” and resent “her presumption […]

Bennett launches a campaign. Again.

Former Green Party leader and Sheffield Central contender, Natalie Bennett, is to launch her campaign tomorrow at Sheffield Peace Gardens.  This is the second time she has launched a campaign in the space of a month. Ms Bennett joined party co-leader Jonathan Bartley only a fortnight ago to launch their national campaign outside The University of […]