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Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning and Health Benefits Of Clean Carpets

In this article, we bring you our thoughts on the benefits of professional carpet cleaning and the very real health benefits of clean carpets.

Clean Carpets Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

The first (and most important) benefit that cleaning your carpet has is that it will improve the air quality of your home and make your home overall healthier.

No matter what you do, dust will come into your home. Even if a house is completely closed, dust manages to come in:

  • it will settle onto all surfaces and
  • the floor is the largest surface in a home!

When we move around our homes the dust which is deposited on our carpets needs to be removed by cleaning regularly. If cleaning is neglected the dust soon builds-up and after a while, you can’t imagine how much dust comes out of carpets! That dust can be damaging to your health when you breath it is. It puts a burden on your immune system just preventing it giving you infections.

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning

You clean the dust in your home every now and then. But what about the carpet? You might think that you’re vacuuming it often, and that’s enough.

If you have young children, they spend most of their playing time on the floor. Lying on the carpet, crawling on the carpet and playing on the carpet.

They are up close and personal to all allergens and particles that settle into the carpet pile.

Dust Mites, Bedbugs And Pests 

Dust mites make their home in houses as soon as the dust begins to form.

They can be unsightly, and certainly, unwanted dropped found commonly in dusty rugs and carpets. Bed bugs and dust mites are also commonplace within these specks of dust.

Why are dust mites and bed bugs so bad anyway?

Dust mites, in particular, are a major trigger for those who are prone to allergies and those who have asthma.

Their effects range from mild problems such as:

  • runny noses,
  • watery eyes and sneezing,

to severe health issues of:

    • chronic coughing,
    • congestion and
    • serious asthma attacks.

The specks of dust which contain bedbugs and mites are usually not visible to the naked eye and but they are real and you will need to treat them effectively.

Professional rug cleaning and carpet cleaners are the best options to ensure your carpets are kept dust mite and bed bug-free providing more comfortable living in your home.

Steam Cleaning Leaves No Residues

While vacuums don’t leave residues, some carpet cleaning machines do. If the equipment or products are old or a cheaper type, they can be inefficient and leave some of the cleaning solutions/ agents behind.

On the other hand, the equipment used by steam cleaning professionals is usually eco friendly and uses commercial cleaning products to restore carpeting to a like-new condition.

Many also employ a hot water extraction technique to achieve the best results, leaving the fibres free of all dirt and stains.

Featured Image Text: "Benefits of professional carpet cleaning".

Clean Carpets Look Awesome!

And it’s not just you. Everybody thinks that a clean carpet looks amazing. It’s nicer to see, nice to walk on. It’s just nicer in every sense!

Many companies can also do soft furnishings at the same time, so consider having stained rugs, upholstery or even curtains cleaned at the same time.

Living and working in a clean and neat environment also helps with the general mood and makes you feel better.

Why Use Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

Business owners understand the value of investments. Carpets are an expensive addition to any office or retail space, and professional cleaning can help you protect that investment.

Dirt and soils are abrasive and can damage carpet fibres, leaving them looking dingy.

Regular cleaning with professional equipment removes these abrasives, which lengthens the life of your carpet.

Best of all, professional carpet cleaners can do the work in your downtime, so they don’t interrupt your business operations.

Removes Smells and Odours

The reason why carpets can still smell even after you’ve vacuumed is that the smell is coming from the bottom of the carpet fibres and there’s no vacuum cleaner that can clean that deep.

So, a deep cleaning method (or steam cleaning method) is the only alternative when it comes to removing that terrible smell that some carpets have.

If a fresh pet stain happens on your carpet you need to stop it creating a long-lasting smell. The best way to do that is to clean it up quickly and neutralise the enzymes that will produce the odours.

After you’re done cleaning it if you want to make sure that that particular spot won’t smell, pour some baking soda and let it sit for 24 hours.

The carpet may get a yellowish stain but do not panic, wait and vacuum it after 24 hours has passed. The baking soda will absorb some of the urine that’s in the lower half of the fibres thanks to osmosis.

Extended Lifespan for your carpets

Professional carpet cleaners typically use cleaning methods involving hot water extraction to effectively remove the debris from deep within the fibres and leave the carpet clean.

Homeowners can also help decrease the build-up of debris in the carpet between cleanings by vacuuming regularly.

Most carpet owners don’t clean their carpets because they think that doing so is very expensive.

But, DIY carpet solutions aren’t that expensive. Or if you do hire professionals to clean it for you, hiring a professional is way cheaper than replacing your carpet.

Almost all people who replace their carpets could’ve increased their lifespan if they had deep cleaned their carpet when they had to.

Carpet Cleaning May be Required For Any Guarantee Or Warranty to Apply

Some manufacturers are more open about saying this out loud than others. But when you install a new carpet and you think you will be protected for those “X years of the guarantee period” or “100% money back guaranteed if you’re not satisfied” apply under one condition.

“That insurance condition is that you must have your carpet cleaned by a professional every certain amount of time.”

If you don't and you make a claim you don't have a leg to stand on if your insurer refuses to pay up.

Complete Removal Of Dirt And Bacteria

This will come as a given because we’ve talked about this throughout the post. But deep cleaning your carpet is the only way of actually removing anywhere close to ALL the dirt and bacteria from it.

Out of the 5 cleaning methods that the IICRC has approved, 4 of them are maintenance and only 1 of them is considered restorative. That method is the steam cleaning method that most likely every professional will soon be using.

Carpet Cleaning And Renting

If you want to try and clean the carpets yourself, you can hire portable cleaners. But, be aware that they do leave the carpets wetter than a commercial quality machine will.

If you are cleaning your carpets for the end of a rental lease, we recommend that you check with your property manager to see if they will accept DIY carpet cleaning. Many will not accept it and insist upon a professional companies receipt.

If the carpets were cleaned to a certain standard at the start of the tenancy, the tenant must ensure the carpets are cleaned to that same standard at the end of the tenancy.

However, the property manager/owner cannot require the tenant to:

Leave the property in a better condition than it was in at the start of the tenancy (e.g. require carpets to be steam cleaned when this wasn’t done before they moved in)

These are offences under the Residential Tenancy Act.

Professional carpet cleaning/pest control at the end of a tenancy depends on the particular case and circumstances and we recommend you the use the best carpet steam cleaner depending on your budget.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Are Fast

Having a professional company clean your carpet is extremely simple. You just give them a call and they’ll take care of everything.

The cleaning work can be done in under a couple of hours. If you do it yourself, it will take significantly longer than that.

Professional carpet cleaning companies will have better equipment than you can buy or hire. If your carpet is dirty or stained, you’ll need a professional to help you to get the best results and one of the best of these is Brisbane Carpet Cleaning, a company we recommend.

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