Colloidal Silver

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Strep Throat: Do I Need An Antibiotic? Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

On This Page How Does Colloidal Silver Work? PATHWAYS TO HEALING: Using colloidal silver for health benefits Does Taking “Colloidal Silver” Have Health Benefits? Strep Throat: Do I Need an Antibiotic? What is “strep throat” exactly? How can natural care help the body fight strep throat? How to Quickly and Efficiently Soothe and Heal a […]

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What is a Silver Nanoparticle? And How Might It Improve My Health?

We answer your question of: “What is a Silver Nanoparticle? here. And, we go on to answer the follow-up question of: “How may it possibly improve my health?“, because let’s face it. Unless silver, or any other nanoparticle, has a beneficial function to perform most of us aren’t really going to be much interested. Silver […]


Face Cloth Mask With Colloidal Silver Filters

The best face mask filters include nanosilver filters and HEPA filters — they increase the efficacy of face masks in filtering out particulates. If you’re shopping for a face mask with a filter or for standalone filters, medical experts share tips on what to know and set expectations on … what filters can — and cannot do for […]


Medicinal Uses of Silver – Your Education in the Pros and Cons

There is currently a real buzz around the medicinal uses of silver. A variety of products which make use of colloidal silver are now available and can be bought easily through websites and major stores, so we thought it a good time to write about what is the medical use of silver. Our information comes […]

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Colloidal Silver for Hemp Growth And Agricultural Use

Colloidal Silver for Hemp/ Cannabis Growth The information on this page is applicable to many areas of agriculture as well. Synopsis: Biophysica has been manufacturing colloidal mineral ionizers (generators) for over 20 years. Their colloidal generators use large area electrodes of solid silver making the highest quality and quantity of colloidal silver and other metals […]