Eddie Todd Doncaster's saviour cartoon image.

Eddie Todd Doncaster Central’s Self Styled Saviour

Doncaster mayoral candidate Eddie Todd shown on social media being booked by police

Eddie Todd follows a very famous North Doncaster MP, as shown here.
The Leader of the Opposition during the debate on the 2013 Queen’s Speech was Edward Miliband, Labour MP for Doncaster North.. – CC BY-NC by UK Parliament

An independent Doncaster mayoral candidate has been screened on social media being booked by South Yorkshire police for an alleged offence concerning the blue light on an ambulance used in connection with his business.

A video circulating online shows Eddie todd speaking to a police officer next to what he describes as his private ambulance – owned by his company, uncle eddies motocross park.

The video also shows a second police officer talking on his radio. Whilst on the radio, the police officer tells the people recording that Mr Todd is being given a ticket for having blue lights on his ambulance. The officer also says Mr Todd just “drives through red lights because he thinks he can”. via jusnews.net

Eddie Todd Not for Profit Venture by MP for Doncaster

Eddie Todd is a not for profit ltd company (12259888) set up to help Doncaster, north people. I will be here after Brexit, he says.

“Like most people, I’m totally fed up with all the parties saying what they think you want to hear. As I see it our area has been run down and devastated by fools following the labour leadership. It’s now time to take control. People in business are all ready to pack in and give up, there is no incentive to invest open up or develop a business here in the Doncaster area.”

Captain Roland Eddie Todd is running for independent MP Doncaster North.

Eddie Todd independent mp candidate for Doncaster North has stated:
“I am going to start a handyman database and apprenticeship scheme for Doncaster North this will create jobs for our kids in our area. I will be here long after brexit.”

Edward Todd in Candidate Search

The UK government has passed legislation to postpone all elections until 6 May 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Eddie Todd was an independent candidate in Doncaster North in the UK Parliament elections. Our volunteers have been adding information on Eddie Todd – here's everything we know so far! via whocanivotefor.co.uk

Mr Todd Filmed

Doncaster Skyline home to Eddie Todd.
The Doncaster Skyline. – CC BY-SA by laser2k

A mayoral candidate has claimed he was “set up” after he was filmed being given a fixed penalty notice.

Eddie Todd, an independent in Doncaster's mayoral race, was given a ticket for having unauthorised blue lights on his vehicle which he denies.

Film of the incident in Doncaster on Wednesday has been shared on social media and Mr Todd claims it may have jeopardised his campaign.

South Yorkshire Police said it did not comment on individual cases.

Mr Todd's car is used as a private ambulance and in the video, a passer-by asks an officer why he was being issued with a ticket.

The officer said he was not allowed to use blue lights as the car was a private vehicle and he was not an ambulance driver.

Mr Todd told the BBC:

“I was set up and someone took a video.”

He said he would consider taking the incident “further” with the police and was planning to make a formal complaint.

Mr Todd came fourth in the mayoral race and received 5,344 votes (8.3%). Labour's Ros Jones was elected with 32,631 votes (50.9%). via www.bbc.com

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    Wow, that’s odd.. The guy has balls though don’t you think.

  2. Reply

    Good work! He was called the “Donald Trump of Doncaster” and he wanted mayoral glory. See “Former air show pilot Eddie Todd confesses to never having voted before, let alone held elected office”. Eddie Todd pic

  3. Reply

    Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to see it. I’m definitely in favour. More colourful politicians are needed to get things done.

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    Peculiar article, not exactly what I was looking for but I enjoy the ideas.

    Eddie Todd must be a funny guy. 🙂

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    Aw, this was a really an exceptionally nice post.

    In Spain, we need people like this Eddie. How do you say? Is he rather like the “Dell Boy” in the comedy “Only Fools and Horses”?

    I think his a new Dell Boy in Doncaster.

  6. Reply

    I would give him top score for originality. Darn it. Using an ambulance to get through red lights. I should have thought of it!

  7. Reply

    Hi. Genuinely a nice for me to read about my old city of Doncaster. The people are so lovely, but Mr Todd should not have been doing this. Do you really think he did it?

  8. Reply

    Need a Doncaster saviour. You have Jeremy Clarkson. I am sure he hails from Doncaster.

  9. Reply

    Eddie was quite right when he said “our area has been run down and devastated by fools following the labour leadership. It’s now time to take control. People in business are all ready to pack in and give up …” It’s even more true now than when he said it.

  10. Reply

    Hi! What’s up. He lost mate. In 2017, it’s on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/DonnyFP/posts/1418758964834187 Eddy 2017

  11. Reply

    You really actually make it seem so easy with your presentation!

    If in Uk you hbuy old ambulance you can drive fast and go through the red lights?

    I come to England soon. Where is Doncaster?

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    This post info is invaluable and worth everyone’s attention. Shame not more are like him. Where can I find out more?

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    Greetings from Idaho. I was bored to tears at work so I decided to browse your site.

    It’s really funny to think Mr Todd was given a ticket for having blue lights on his ambulance. I think I’ll buy an ambulance with blue lights so that I can also drive through red traffic lights!

    I’m surprised at this excellent blog! You didn’t make it up did you?

  14. Reply

    Incredible. Ridiculous. Inspiring story there. What occurred after? Good luck. Take care!

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    What a gem of information you have here, on the experience concerning the topic of Eddie Todd, the independent in Doncaster’s mayoral race. We find it remarkable that he was given a ticket for having unauthorised blue lights on his vehicle which he denies! You could not make it up!

  16. Reply

    Awesome article.

    • S Williams
    • December 29, 2020

    Save so many Doncaster businesses closed and suffering from covid restrictions.

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