Need to Find Your Pet a New Home?

Read this if you need to find your pet a new home. Should you decide that rehoming your pet is the best option, keep in mind that despite the best efforts of shelters and rescuers to care for their animals their accommodation is never going to be ideal. Your home is usually the best place for your pet while you search for an adopter. By taking on the task of finding your pet a home there is another big benefit. That benefit lies in the fact that you will reduce competition for the limited space and resources in your local animal shelter or rescue kennel.

Need to find your pet a new home?

If you need to rehome a pet, here is usually one thing you must do and that is to spay/neuter your cat beforehand. This as, for example, the cat world puts it,

“is the only guarantee that [she] won’t be permitted to, or accidentally become pregnant in the future. ”

It will also make it easier for your pet to find a home. Vaccinations need to be current. So, do make sure that all your cat’s medical records are good to go.

Tips for placing your pet in a loving new home

Private pet rehoming and adoption services and those that are community and charity run perform a much needed service whenever there is a need to rehome a dog, cat, puppy or kitten.

So, if you are hoping to adopt a pet why not try to do it privately? These opportunities exist. Not everyone is so irresponsible that they will simply abandon a pet. Most would prefer to rehome their pet privately and the pets transferred home to home in this way are likely to be better suited to your needs. A pet rehoming network’s experienced team of pet adoption specialists can help you to safely and effectively find a good home for your cherished family member. They really can offer safe, effective and affordable pet rehoming and adoption services for responsible pet owners who want the best for their pet.

need to find your pet a new home

If you must find a new home for your dog or cat, it’s best to plan ahead. Make moves to arrange a transfer at least six months ahead of the day you will no longer be able to provide a cat or dog a home. We all want the best for our pets. To ensure that your animal will be in good hands, be prepared to do some research on the prospective new parent or rescue organization.

Finding a new home

Dogs and cats are the two species which need rehoming more often than any other. Despite the fact that they are like a part of the family, you may find yourself in a situation in which you can no longer keep your furry friend. Whether it’s:

  • your own pet allergies,
  • moving to a new home,
  • finding a stray you can't take in, or
  • no longer being able to care for your pet,

re-homing your dog or cat can be a heartbreaking, but necessary, experience.

when you need to rehome a pet, a pet rehoming network can help. The best of them are staffed by pet adoptions professionals with decades of experience finding good homes for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. They can usually find your pet a home safely, effectively and inexpensively. If you are like most pet owners, you will be heartbroken to have to face parting with your cherished cat or dog. Rehoming networks truly appreciate how life so easily can present obstacles that make keeping your pet all-but impossible. They will never seek to criticize or rebuke you, nor press for charity contributions, although many do badly need additional funding at this time.

If you've been watching a show such as the popular “give a dog a home: live” on a channel such as Animal Planet, you'll know that there's more to adoption than finding the right dog or cat. The show also gives valuable tips on how to care for your new pet and other ways to help adoptable pets in need.

Here are some helpful resources on topics you might have seen on the show lately.


Farplace Animal Rescue

If on the other hand you are looking for a pet to rehome, click on the search for dogs, cats and horses. Well-run pet rehoming organisations ensure that all their dogs and cats are:

  • vaccinated,
  • wormed,
  • desexed and
  • microchipped.

Horses will have their teeth done and hooves trimmed. Their animals are normally available for an adoption fee which may be a voluntary contribution above a set minimum figure. The income from this helps with the reimbursement of their veterinary costs. Most rehoming centres (kennels)  work with volunteer carers who look after these animals on the premises, and when applicable also in their own homes, to ensure they can assist you in finding the most suitable companion for your lifestyle.

white dog

Animal Behavior and Training

Anyone can experience an unexpected financial crisis. Don’t panic: many national, state and local organizations provide assistance with pet food and other essentials, behavioural advice and training, and low-cost or free spay/neuter and other veterinary care. Your local animal shelters or rescue groups can also be a great resource for free or low-cost pet assistance. Find your local shelters and rescues by visiting the shelter pet project and entering your zip code.

Every dog/ cat/ pet matters!

Real dog, cat or other pet rescue is grounded in the belief that every dog matters. Real dog rescue was built on the passion of long-time animal advocates and friends, dedicated to helping dogs in need, regardless of their age, breed, location or medical condition. While our vision is to rescue every dog, because every dog matters, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home the dogs in our care by providing safe shelter through loving foster homes, medical care by a superior veterinary staff, and behavioural training with the help of a talented volunteer base.

When it’s just not possible to keep your pet

We understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to keep your pet. Before making the decision to surrender your animal, please consider all of your options. If your desire to rehome your dog is because of behavioural or training issues, please contact a qualified training professional. Here are a few of our recommended trainers. If the issue is housing, please remember your dog is a member of your family. Consider offering your landlord a refundable pet deposit. Sometimes that is enough to alleviate a landlord’s concerns. Or, if you are open to moving, there are realtors dedicated to helping you find a place that allows you to rent with your dog.

Training can solve most problems. If you can’t take the time and effort to learn how to better communicate with your animal, why would someone else? Dogs and cats have the ability to learn and change their behaviour.

Trouble affording your pet’s care?

Choosing the right dog for your family can be hard. Each pooch has its own personality and quirks, so it’s essential to find a dog that will fit right in with your own character. The biggest mistake you can make is to fall head over heels for a dog just because of their looks. Sure, those might be the cutest puppy eyes you have ever seen, but can you commit to taking care of all of its needs? will the dog you like get on well with your other pets or kids? if you choose a dog for adoption whose activity level and personality don’t match your own, you’re bound to have some trouble.


Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Rehoming Your Pet

When serving in the military it is so tempting to make promises when you are talking to your kids. But postings can change rapidly, and you should be thinking about rehoming your pet when you buy at the start. This is especially true if your current military life circumstances are forcing your hand.

It's true that many people, while serving in the forces, might be tempted to say:

“We’ll get a new pet at our next duty station. ”


“When the baby is bigger, we can get another pet.”


“When we get a house with a yard, we can get a new dog”.

But, we would encourage all owners not to burden the local services with your abandoned pet. It is always sensible to drop off your pet at the local animal rescue centre, and disappear quickly after the drop-off.

Don't just abandon any pet – it's not necessary – you won't be punished!

Before You Rehome: There’s a Resource for That!

Adopt-a-pet is a well-known online adoption website, and they have a rehoming listing service too! adopt a pet makes it easy to list by simply filling out the form online and uploading pictures. Rehome at adopt-a-pet also has a ton of resources for you to try and keep your dog!
we adopted bear from a craigslist ad.

The Bernese mountain dog club of America National Rescue & Rehome Committee is devoted to ensuring and maintaining the health and welfare of the Bernese mountain dog in rescue and rehoming situations. The BMDCA recognizes that many rescues and rehoming work is done by the regional clubs, and will work with those clubs to maintain a constant network of support and resources.

Rehoming your pet is a difficult decision and we understand you may find yourself in a situation where you feel that you have no other options.

Before making the decision to rehome your pet, please review any local pet retention resources for assistance. Often they can assist you with many of the issues that cause pets to be rehomed or surrendered.

Whether you’re experiencing:

  • financial challenges,
  • moving or housing issues,
  • allergies,
  • house-soiling,
  • behavioural issues, or
  • one of many other challenges,

Your local animal-rescue charity may be able to help you find a solution that allows you to keep your pet. So do make contact with them.

It’s easy to assume that if someone is trying to find a new home for a pet, the decision was an easy one — but that’s rarely the case. The ASPCA's community engagement program report shows how the vast majority of pet owners do act responsibly. Many times, pet owners who are forced to rehome a pet can feel like there are no alternatives.

“One major misconception about giving up a pet is that the pet parents no longer care about their pet, which is very often just not true,”

“In many cases, pet owners who rehomed their pet because of cost or housing issues would have kept their pet if they had access to adequate resources”.

How to Cope After Giving Away Your Dog

The grief and guilt of rehoming a dog or giving your dog away are intense and sad. We understand how you feel. My husband and I had to rehome our dog. Here’s how I coped with the guilt and grief I felt and still feel. I found that writing my dog a letter was helpful, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Please comment at the end of this blog post if you have a story about personal grief after the action. That's because if we get a few comments to this article below, we are sure that you’ll see you aren’t alone. You’ll find, like many before you,

  • comfort,
  • support, and
  • companionship

as you grieve this difficult decision.

If you’re struggling with the decision to rehome a dog – or if you’re sad and don’t know how to cope with the guilt after rehoming a dog – read this letter. Tiffy wrote it to her previous owners: Marnie and camelia (not their real names). Both are very sad after giving Tiffy away and need to know how she is doing.

Don't Forget to Buy a Charity Pet Bandana Scarf for Dogs and Cats

Due to the multitude of pit bulls needing help or rehomed, we are currently on intake hold with over 250 dogs. We receive 100 requests weekly to take dogs.

Before helping a lost or stray dog, please be prepared for the short-term commitment needed on your part.

There are rules and regulations that vary by nation and county. Vet clinics can scan for microchips, but do not expect to be able to drop an animal off there. Your local animal shelter will need to be contacted and may or may not be able to take the dog.

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