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Spray Tanning Tips and How to Use a Mobile Spray Tanning Service

Read on for awesome spray tanning tips and how to use a mobile spray tanning service when at home or even while on holiday.

We Aim for a Natural Looking Spray Tan

Having a great looking tan helps lift your mood. We know it is not the same as going on a holiday, but having beautiful tanned skin does help you to feel more confident and positive and this is why we love spray tanning so much.

When you are on the Gold Coast, having a great tan and even skin toneImage text states: "spray tanning tips". will put a spring in your step as you head off to the beach or out with friends. The warm weather means we have exposed arms and legs with our autumn style fashion.

You will look and feel confident and glowing in a dress, shorts, swimwear or your workout gear.
With our mobile spray tanning service you can have a tan applied in the privacy of your own home, workplace or if you are in the area visiting – In your hotel room.


mobile spray tanning

Our team members carry portable tanning tents that take minutes to set up. When the tan is initially applied you will have instant colour from the bronzer element in the tan solution and after 5 to 10 minutes your skin is touch dry. One of our rarely appreciated spray tanning tips is that tans develop within 2 hours and then you can shower off. Do not panic when you see colour running down the drain, it is the bronzer. The spray tan will continue to develop on your skin and the final depth will happen over several hours. The much better known of our spray tanning tips is that spray tanning gives your skin a healthy glow. If you are looking for a safe and effective alternative to laying out in the sun, a spray tan is an excellent option.


Because we are coming to you – You do not have to worry about what to wear when coming and leaving a typical salon.

When you have a tan done – you can wear what you feel most comfortable in. We supply paper g strings that you can wear or you may have an old pair of briefs or bikini bottoms that you would prefer to wear. If you do not want tan lines – wear as little as possible. After the tan, try to keep your feet bare – do not put on shoes. Wear a large t-shirt dress or kaftan in dark colours. You should also wear loose shoes or flip flops. If you need a manicure or pedicure, do it before your spray tanning session.

But what should you know to prepare for your spray tanning appointment? Are there any spray tanning tips to getting an awesome tan? What should you expect on the day of your appointment?

natural spray tan


Below you can read our tips on how you can maximise your spray tan for a longer-lasting glow.
The two most important parts of a spray tan are having the right pre-tan skin preparation and post tan skincare. And even tan requires even skin texture. Ensure to exfoliate your skin in the days beforehand and avoid using oily products.

After being tanned moisturise daily to slow down the skin shedding process resulting in a longer-lasting tan. Between initial spray application and showering avoid any activity that may result in perspiration as this may affect the end result of your tan. How long will the spray tan last? Depending on your skin type, pre-tan preparation and after tan care a tan will last 5-7 days on fair skin and 10 days on olive skin.


You can prevent over tanning, and extend your tan by following the tips that follow:

  • When you first shower after your tan you will notice the initial bronzer washing off, don't be alarmed this is not your tan, and it does not matter.
  • Shower 2hrs after your spray tanning appointment.
  • If you can not get to a shower within 2hrs you must shower within 4hrs of your spray tan appointment to avoid going too dark.


Thankfully modern spray tanning solutions are no longer orange based. Tans are different pigment-based and this helps to stop the orange hues. Most commonly we use tans that are green based. Green neutralises red tones. We do use several spray tanning solutions and we can assess your skin tone to see which formula is best going to suit you


Yes, it will when you follow the simple steps of post tan care. Moisturising the skin daily will help make the tan last longer, as well as help it to fade evenly. Do not use lotions or creams on your skin which contain alpha hydroxyl acids (aha’s) or glycolic acid as they tend to exfoliate the skin.

To help the tan fade evenly, exfoliate every 3 days with a tan-specific product. We can recommend different body scrubs, ask our technicians at the time of tanning


Spray tan solutions use a lot of natural ingredients. If you have an inflamed skin condition, acne, or open wounds then spray tanning should be avoided. If you are pregnant, product testing indicates that the DHA does not penetrate the skin, nor enter the bloodstream.​ However, as a precaution, we suggest you seek advice from a doctor, prior to being sprayed during the first trimester.

When we are tanning you we do like to have a source of natural airflow. However, we cannot apply a tan where there is a breeze or a fan in close proximity. Yes, we can apply spray tan to your face. You will have a chance to close your eyes and not to breathe for a few seconds while we quickly mist the solution over your facial area.

Before Your Spray Tan

Good Spray Tan Skin Prep is the key to a perfect tan! If you shave or wax, do it at least 24 hours before your spray tan. Exfoliate the day before and very lightly on the day. On the day; try to avoid wearing any moisturisers, perfumes, makeup or deodorants as these can affect the tanning solution and reduce its effectiveness. If you have had to apply body care products, shower before your tan to remove them. Deodorant affects how the tan adheres to your skin and you will have patchy armpits if it is not all removed. When showering ensure you do not use a moisturising body wash or oil, as we want the skin not to have any product on it.

Be sure to tell us the reason for your tan. If it’s a 10-day holiday you may want to go a deeper shade so it lasts longer, or if it’s for a special occasion or even your wedding you may want to stay lighter so it looks as natural as possible in pictures. Our recommendation is for all brides to have a pre-wedding trial so we can see what depth your tan will be and we can adjust the tan if needed when you are having the tan done for the big day. We will also keep a note of the tan we used and the intensity of the spray. The tan can be adjusted by adding an extra layer of spray tan or avoid tanning the face.

Tan any time at your convenience

Because we are a mobile hire service we can accommodate you for later appointments.
Do not stress about having to get to the tanning salon and stress about the tan being affected by rain, humidity or even your seat belt when you are driving home. Having a tan done at home means you can control the developing of the tan

Contact us to book a tan in now!

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