Strep Throat: Do I Need An Antibiotic? Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

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How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

I have personal experience in the treatment of pleurisy. This condition came on me out of the blue a few years ago and appears now only when a certain set of circumstances presents itself. While I am now able to anticipate these circumstances, more importantly, I now have a better idea of how to deal with it. Use nanoparticle colloidal silver. Pleurisy is extremely painful. It can even hurt to breathe, much less move and work. I can tell you that's when I became aware of Nano47.

strep throat colloidal silver safe

Despite claims to the contrary, colloidal silver has no known function in the body. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled in 1999 that these colloidal silver products were neither safe nor effective and sued a number of manufacturers over false health claims. While many colloidal silver products were removed from drugstore shelves following the FDA ruling, they have since been rebranded as dietary supplements or homoeopathic remedies, neither of which require FDA approval. Please be aware that nothing in this article suggests that neither the product mentioned here, nor the use of colloidal silver in any way should be considered to be of medicinal benefit.

How does the immune system fight strep / sore throat?
The immune system is a body-wide network of cells and organs that has evolved to defend the body against attacks by foreign entities such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.

It is said that some natural supplements can strengthen the immune system and some say that it has been shown to kill viruses, bacteria and fungus when taken in this way. Mesosilver is a true colloidal silver consisting of pure, sterilized water and pure silver particles. The particles in Meso silver are 0. 65 nanometers in diameter. Some say that Meso silver supplements your immune system to fight pathogens and does not interact or interfere with other medications you may be taking.

Colloidal silver may serve as a natural antibiotic. It may help fight a wide variety of infections such as yeast infections, sore throats, and eye infections. However, that’s not all. You’ll find that it is claimed that colloidal silver tends to have antifungal, antiseptic and disinfectant properties as well. This, it has been said, makes the food smell better for the dog, allowing for more options if your furry friend is a picky eater. The silver ions present in the solution are assumed by some to penetrate molecules and destroy pathogens of all kinds such as parasites, viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Does Taking “Colloidal Silver” Have Health Benefits?

Marketed as a remedy for a range of health problems, colloidal silver is a solution of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid base. It’s typically taken orally, but some products are sprayed, applied to the skin, or injected into a vein. Silver had been used in medicine for centuries, touted as a cure-all for everything from tuberculosis and arthritis to herpes and cancer. Even today, many alternative practitioners believe that colloidal silver offers health benefits by supporting immune function and preventing or treating infections, both common and severe.

If you haven’t heard of colloidal silver, you will soon enough, especially if you’re on the lookout for alternative therapies to common health issues, such as a sinus infection or a cold. Most health food stores and pharmacies stock several brands of colloidal silver, and, of course, you can find a vast amount of information about colloidal silver benefits on the internet. Unfortunately, the information out there is confusing, as many sources have conflicting opinions. On one hand, you’ll run across thousands of personal testimonials about colloidal silver helping people with practically every disease you’ve heard about. You will also stumble upon some well-known health sites that warn consumers about safety concerns.

Scientific evidence doesn’t support the use of colloidal silver dietary supplements for any disease or condition. Silver has no known function or benefits in the body when taken by mouth. Silver is not a nutritionally essential mineral or a useful dietary supplement. People may be exposed to silver, usually in tiny amounts, through the air, water, and food, and in certain activities such as jewellery-making or soldering. Colloidal silver products are sometimes sold as homoeopathic remedies. For more information on homoeopathy, see nccih. Nih. Gov/health/homoeopathy.

Strep Throat: Do I Need an Antibiotic?

Sore throat symptoms are typically caused by inflammation due to a virus like the common cold. However, about 15 per cent of sore throats are caused by bacteria called streptococcus, or “strep”. Strep throat requires treatment with an antibiotic, while viral causes of the sore throat do not.

A sore throat can come on at any time, and it’s caused by a number of reasons. Some sore throats can be due to a bacterial infection, or strep throat, and some are viral infections. Either way, sore throats are very contagious, and it’s important to address the issue as soon as symptoms develop. Thankfully, there are natural sore throat remedies that you can use at home and don’t require an antibiotic prescription to deal with sore throat problems.

If you’ve been diagnosed with strep throat, your health care provider will prescribe antibiotics, which must be taken according to the instructions. To prevent the spread of infection, people with strep should stay home from work, school, or daycare until their fever is gone or until they’ve been on antibiotics for 24 hours. It is also important not to share food or drinks with others or prepare food for others and to wash your hands frequently. Once you’ve started taking antibiotics for strep throat, you’ll begin feeling better in a day or two. If you don’t feel better after 48 hours, call your healthcare provider.

What is “strep throat” exactly?

About two months ago, I was suffering from a sore throat that would not go away. There were no other symptoms. It was not strep. I assumed it was simply allergies or sinus drainage as it subsided during the day. However, this awful sore throat was waking me after four or five hours of sleep with incredible pain. Hot herbal tea was wonderful and relieved it temporarily but it was no substitute for a good night’s rest. I had a prescription for amoxicillin and finished it (9 day supply 500 mg. T. I. D. ) but the extreme soreness remained.

Xylitol helps the body fight strep and other pathogens. take a spoonful of this every few hours in place of a cough drop. The kids, and kids at heart, will love this because it’s like eating a spoonful of sugar. The strep bacteria love xylitol and will come off throat to eat sugar. They then will get pushed out through the digestive system. Make sure it is birch xylitol and not corn.

A virus is famous for spreading quickly from person to person—this is why it’s common to see several students in a class out with strep throat all within the same timeframe. The combination of dry indoor air (bacteria and viruses love to live and thrive in a dry throat versus the body’s natural coating), close playing proximity, and a lack of outdoor fresh air can amp up the presence and spread of virus-induced strep. A culture or swab test can be faulty information to go by for several reasons. The strep bacteria growth can fluctuate moment to moment. So depending on where they swab and where the strep is growing, a “little strep” in a culture does not necessarily mean a minimal infection.

How can natural care help the body fight strep throat?

We want to support the body to beat both the strep bacteria and the underlying virus. With natural care, we commonly see results by gargling liquid zinc to help fight the virus and colloidal silver to reduce the strep bacteria growth (we carry both of these supplements at the clinic). 2-4 times a day
mix a 1/2 tsp of liquid zinc with 1 tab of water, gargle for 20 seconds and swallow
mix a tab of asap colloidal silver (no water), gargle for 20 seconds and spit out.

Do you or your child have a sore throat? parents get scared when their child comes down with an illness, or symptoms like a sore throat. Don’t worry! the body is fighting pathogens and helping to build a stronger immune system. There are also people who don’t know there are other options. They end up treating the sore throat with toxic remedies. You don’t have to be one of them! there are lots of ways to help you, or your child, with some natural sore throat relief.

How to Quickly and Efficiently Soothe and Heal a Sore Throat

Natural anti-biotic and anti-fungal may have been successfully used to treat both candida and MRSA fights inflammation, both in and on the body when infused in a nebulizer, colloidal silver might possibly, if it's effectiveness is ever fully tested, be used to treat bronchitis and pneumonia. But for strep throat it is said by many who can attest to its effectiveness to be a good solution. It can also be dropped in the ear to soothe earaches used as an eye flush. It’s users report that it is great for treating eye infections and sty’s heals cuts and burns. It's also great for post-sun exposure treats acne. It heals open lesions according to many reports, and may possibly reduce both inflammation and bacteria.

Colloidal Silver Treatment for Sunburn

Again, from experience, colloidal silver is awesome as a treatment for sunburn. I have other sunburn related recommendations which deal with patchy skin fungus. We sometimes experience
this during the summer months. But for general sunburn, I just spray colloidal silver onto the sunburn and let it dry, and simply repeated until I felt no more burn.

People who take colloidal silver may not experience any immediate side effects. The concerns are related more to the long-term consequences of colloidal silver use as particles gradually accumulate and embed themselves in organs and tissues, most especially the skin. Over time, this can lead to a permanent, disfiguring condition called argyria in which tissues take on a bluish-grey discolouration. the gums are usually first affected, followed the skin, eyes, nails, and deeper tissue layers. Headache, fatigue, and myoclonic seizures may also occur.

Colloidal silver is an excellent antibiotic many people say, because of its antimicrobial strength. Silver was used by Greeks and Romans to preserve drinks and foods. The potent liquid can easily kill viruses, fungal infections, and bacteria. Studies indicate that colloidal silver can act as a viable alternative to traditional anti-fungal treatments for various candida-related conditions.

Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Many claims about the benefits of colloidal silver come from companies that sell the product. Colloidal silver comes in different forms — often as a bottled liquid with silver particles — and is promoted as a dietary supplement. But according to the national centre for complementary and integrative health, evidence about the medical benefits are lacking, and silver can be harmful. One possible side effect is a condition called argyria, a blue-grey skin discolouration. Colloidal silver could also hinder the absorption of some drugs.

Usually, these sources quote a statement made by the FDA in 1999 claiming that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of colloidal silver. This type of information can confuse even the savviest natural health enthusiast, which is why I want to lend a helping hand and provide some evidence-based information to help you make an informed choice about colloidal silver uses and benefits.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

We can no longer tell you about the study quietly conducted by the department of defence in 2009, where we believe it shows that colloidal silver prevented the ebola virus from replicating
during in vitro lab tests. We tell you that colloidal silver is not a cure for ebola. We can tell you that a strong immune system is probably your best defence.

Supplements containing colloidal silver aren’t considered safe or effective for any of the health claims manufacturers make by a large swathe of medical opinion. Silver has no known purpose in the body. It’s not an essential mineral. Colloidal silver products are made of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid — the same type of metal used in jewellery, dental fillings and silverware. Manufacturers of colloidal silver supplements often promote their products by claiming that silver can boost the immune system, fight infection and treat cancer.

What do TV’s Dr. Oz and Hollywood glamour gal Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? You might be surprised to learn it’s a mutual love for colloidal silver! And, they’ve both publicly endorsed it, on the Dr. Oz show. TV’s Dr. Oz has publicly endorsed colloidal silver usage again, for the third time in the past 18 months. This time, he’s done so along with academy award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, author of the best-selling new natural health cookbook, it’s all good.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the safety of taking colloidal silver while also take prescribed antibiotics. Please refer to your alternative health care professional prior to taking any action. However, you can be comforted with this knowledge. While US health providers tend to discourage combining colloidal silver and prescription antibiotics, studies abroad provide us with a far more positive and empowering result.

Here’s a statement from a recent study conducted in Spain “the synergetic effect of silver nanoparticles with antibiotics has been studied combining silver nanoparticles with different antibiotics including ampicillin, kanamycin, erythromycin and chloramphenicol against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The antibacterial activities of these antibiotics increase in the presence of silver nanoparticles against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Occasionally your pet will reappear with an unknown cut or pick up an icky illness and you’ll go scrambling home to call the vet or look online for an antibiotic that will help. There’s just about an antibiotic for everything these days but we believe in an all-natural solution. Here, we swear by colloidal silver for our pets and ourselves when illness, infection or wounds strike.

Is Colloidal Silver Effective?

A most powerful tool in stopping the disease if you are in contact with it, according to some people. You will read that 50% of patients survive the ebola virus because of their healthy immune system. It has been shown that colloidal silver will enhance the effectiveness of your immune system. You need to be making your own colloidal silver. Very affordable components are available for people to begin making small-particle colloidal silver at home. The FAD has held crackdowns on companies claiming to offer colloidal silver as a medical treatment..

Colloidal silver is something no home should be without. Silver is one of those age-old remedies that ought to be in every home’s medicine cabinet. Its uses are varied, medically documented, and proven to be highly effective for supporting the body’s immune system. At the very least, we think that silver ought to be in every home’s emergency preparedness kit simply for helping to disinfect water. Silver is used to disinfect water throughout the world.

Colloidal silver might decrease how much antibiotic the body absorbs. Taking colloidal silver along with antibiotics might decrease the effectiveness of some antibiotics. Some antibiotics that might interact with colloidal silver include; ciprofloxacin ( cipro ), enoxacin ( penetrex ), norfloxacin ( chibroxin , noroxin ), sparfloxacin ( zagam ), trovafloxacin (trovan), and grepafloxacin ( raxar ). Antibiotics (tetracycline antibiotics) – here the interaction rating is moderate, so be cautious with this combination. Talk with your health provider.

Governmental agencies are stepping in to debunk bogus coronavirus cures — including chlorine, garlic or colloidal silver — that are ricocheting around the internet. The world health organization has set up a helpful resource page to bust such myths and is working with social media platforms to flag posts making false claims, so the misleading information can be blocked from news feeds. And the food and drug administration and the federal trade commission sent warning letters on March 9, 2020, to seven companies peddling illegal or unapproved drugs.

Last week, the food and drug administration said that it had warned seven companies to stop selling products, including colloidal silver, that the companies suggested cure or prevent the coronavirus.

There is no medical cure for coronavirus and all viral infections, which is why people are turning to nature for solutions. One of the known natural antivirus agents is colloidal silver , a traditional remedy whose antiseptic properties were used in ancient Egypt, the middle east and India by royal households to keep water and other fluids fresh and to treat various infections. Until its ban in the 1930s, it was recognized and used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial by clinicians to treat bacterial, parasitical, fungal and viral infections. But is colloidal silver a cure for coronavirus as televangelists in the USA and several news outlets claim? No, and we don't suggest that it is.

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