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Adopting a Cat or Kitten? Things to Consider Before You Adopt

Looking to adopt a kitten? kittens arrive at cat shelters from various places and with varying needs – from those that have been abandoned to those that are born in the care of a cat rescue charity if their mother is a stray.

By adopting and rehoming a cat or kitten you help to avoid the need for these animals to be put-down, which would regrettably be necessary if these rehoming centres become too overfilled.

While kittens can be cute to look at, they need additional care and patience from their owners.

They are likely to be more energetic than older cats too – something worth thinking about before you consider kittens for adoption.

Cat protection and rehoming charities aim to make the cat adoption process as easy as possible. You can find the opening times and address details of each charity and centre online.

Thinking about adopting a cat or kitten? Find out more about adopting a cat from a Cats Protection Charity

Cat Spraying No MoreHome to home pet adoption can be a great choice. The fee for adopting a pet which is paid by anyone adopting a pet will vary and is set by the adoption organisation.

Why adopt a cat from a Cat Protection and Rehoming Charity?

Here’s how the adoption process works:

  • Once you’ve found a cat, either using our find-a-cat tool or by visiting one of our centres, you’ll need to fill in a homing questionnaire.
  • This helps us to ensure that you and your pet are an ideal match.

Kittens for adoption with Cats Protection

Animal rescue centres are dedicated to rescuing, caring for and adopting out homeless dogs and cats into loving and responsible homes. Each year, several thousand animals come into each shelter. These humane societies run life-saving animal shelter and care facilities and deserve your support.

They assist with pet adoption, education, pet behaviour training, spay/neuter, animal cruelty intervention and much more. They believe in and provide services that support the human-animal bond and seek to foster an environment in which people respect all living beings.

adopting a cat or kitten

What is the Adoption Fee?

Animal Rescue centres have a lot more control over things like adoption fees and operating hours. They also may choose to specialize in a specific type of animal or even breed. For example, there are rescues that save only dogs or cats; some have an even more specific focus on schnauzer or boxer breeds (for dogs), or Bengal or Persian breeds (for cats).

These animal shelters have set fees and hours, among other operating aspects mandated by the government. They also don’t have specializations, except for possibly accepting only household animals, such as dogs and cats. This helps reduce owner abandonment and control the stray population, both of which impact the local community.

They’ll do a quick ‘address check’ online to ensure your cat is right for your home. In some instances, they might even do a home visit.

If you are living in rented accommodation and are unsure whether you are allowed to keep a cat under your lease, you might need a letter from your landlord. You can find out more about how to go about this from the rescue centre staff. You’ll then fill in some paperwork to reserve your cat, pay your adoption fee and arrange a date to collect your new companion.

Buying a cat? Why not adopt from us instead?

June is national ‘adopt a cat month’, and this is something we wanted to raise more awareness about as it highlights the importance of animal adoption and why it is so much better than buying from a pet shop.

There are so many animals in shelters waiting for their forever home, and what better time to give one of them your love than now?!

How to rehome a cat with us

Bailey was rehomed by Paul:

“We rescued Bailey around 11 weeks ago he is now nearly 7 months old and loving family life. It feels like he has been here forever. He loves playing with his tennis balls and going for long family walks with all the family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be able to have this fantastic handsome boy in our lives.”

buzz was 10 months old when we adopted him in July 2014. He had a few issues with confidence, social skills and behaviour at first, but with patience and care over time he is learning and coping well. He is getting better with other dogs and lives peacefully with our cat mo. Like all terriers, he has real character.

He might be the dog who runs over and has a sniff, or the cat who comes to sit beside you. You never know who you’ll meet and bond with. Because you can’t choose the perfect pet. You find each other. Start your search for a pet to adopt today most of our rehomed pets aren’t puppies or kittens. They’re loud, quiet, fluffy, big, small, or even three-legged. They come with a personality ready-made, a past that’s unique to them and a lot of love to give.

Battersea’s core mission is never to turn away a dog or cat in need of our help, and we are committed to ensuring that every dog and cat receives the highest standards of care. When you get in touch with us we will take your details and find out everything you want to tell us about your cat as well as any important information.

How About a Persian Cat? – They Make Lovely Kittens

They weigh in at around 10 pounds with a length that is around 6 to 7 feet. This species is the largest cat in Africa.

There are several varieties of cats and if you are looking for a male Persian then you might want to check out the Persian Persians. You could also look into the Siamese, Abyssinian, Scottish Fold, American Curl or the Russian Blues.

Persians are a very ancient breed of cat. The ancient Egyptians were so in love with this breed that they sacrificed a cat every month. However, the breed is not as ancient as the Persian breeders. They began their study of cats in Persia in the 18th century.

In 1916, in Persia, a cat breeder named Dr Aharon Gertner was awarded the first world cat competition. At this time, a male Persian only weighed around 4 pounds. There are also a variety of weights of cats that are Persians.

Because of the large amount of these cats, this is not a popular breed of cat. Most cats that live in Iran and Central Asia live in the wild. Due to the fact that cats are not as outgoing as other pets, Persian cats usually get along very well with other cats.

This is why there are numerous different colours and types of Persian cats. Although, most of the Persians in the US and Europe are either cream or seal. Each colour of Persian has its own distinct personality. However, you can have your pick of what colour and type of Persian you would like.

Persian cats are known to be loyal and are very good pets. In fact, they are one of the few cats that really love to be near their owners. The Persian breeders hope that the new Persians will take over the world. They have created a new breed of Persians that are semi white. These are known as the Semi-Lethal Persians. This Persian breed is a bit easier to handle and is very active. They are known for being good hunters.

There are many types of Persians. However, if you are looking for a cat breed that is medium in their colour, then you could pick up the American Curl. This Persians is available in blue, and also brown and black. They are known to have a gentle personality. Also, if you want a medium Persian, then you could pick up the Russian Blues. This is a Persians that is available in blue, silver, and chocolate. They have very pale fur. It is a bit difficult to handle these Persian cats. They are also good hunters. You can also get the Persian, which is a cat that is offered in any colour. They are good in the kitchen and as well as the gymnasium.

Persian cats are known to be intelligent and very loyal. They also are well known for their beauty. If you are going to buy a Persian cat, it is important to know what the breeders are looking for in a cat.

These cats will need to be free to go outside. If you are looking to buy a Persian cat, you will need to make sure that the Persian is going to be well socialized with people. They are also not known for their loud calls, nor are they known to bite as hard as the Himalayans. You will also need to make sure that the cat is litter trained, which you can do with the help of the Persian cat breeders. You will also need to ensure that the cat is free from any hereditary medical conditions.

Take a look at this video for more information on what to expect when you rehome your cat with Battersea:.

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